Obliv-C Talks

David Evans. Secure Multi-Party Computation: Promises, Protocols, and Practicalities. ECRYPT NET Workshop on Crypto for the Cloud & Implementation, Paris, France, 27 June 2017. [Speaker Deck]

David Evans and Denis Nekipelov. Private Data Analysis using Multi-Party Computation. Federal Trade Commission (joint presentation), 18 August 2016.

David Evans. Memory for Data Oblivious Computation. ShanghaiTech Symposium, 25 June 2016. [Speaker Deck]

David Evans. From Mercury Delay Lines to Magnetic Core Memories: Progress in Oblivious Memories. Workshop on Theory and Practice of Secure Multiparty Computation, Aarhus University, Denmark. 1 June 2016. [Speaker Deck]

Samee Zahur. Obliv-C: A Simple C Extension for SMC, iDash Privacy & Security Workshop 2015. (Won award for fasted “Hamming Distance” execution.)

David Evans. Multi-Party Computation for the Masses (includes video). CROSSING Conference 2015: Where Quantum Physics, Cryptography, System Security and Software Engineering Meet. Darmstadt. 1 June 2015

Samee Zahur. Obliv-C: A Lightweight Compiler for Data-Oblivious Computation (includes video). Applied Multi-Party Computation. Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA. 20 February 2014.